Christmas Eve | A C&I Films Original Production


A young man living in New York City struggles to cope with the economic and racial divide separating him from a happy life. It is Christmas Eve and every injustice — every ounce of emotional brutality he has endured — has reached its tipping point. He battles against depression, but his life is sad and getting sadder still. During this time of self-reflection and despair, an unexpected encounter with a stranger offers him respite and a glimpse into their shared humanity despite their different social status.


If you've ever been struggling and unsure of your place, you begin to connect with that plight. In the end, I couldn't help but enjoy it! Worth watching.


Michael is struggling to find the value in his life. He considers himself to be less than and he convinces himself that the world agrees with that mark of shame. Troubled by these thoughts, he goes about his routine, clinging to defeatism and distress. He follows this downward spiral until he's jarred back to reality by a beautiful smile. Behind that smile is a woman who can see past the surface -- who dares to challenge Michael's outlook on life. The energy between them powers their escape from reality. They abandon their troubles and search for the happiness glittering along New York City streets on Christmas Eve night.